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February, 2010 | Archanakavi

18th feb

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I wonder whether I slept the whole night, around 2 in the morn sluggishly got out of my bed… As it was time to get ready… By 3:30 mummy, my cousin and I got into the taxi and lay back as we had a long way to go… after sometime the driver switched on his music player, and don’t know when I dozed off…

The next thing I hear is “archana eneeku Tenkasi ethaar aayi… evadeya varende ennnu chodiku…” I was like OH MY GOD! It was just 8! I had told them that we will reach Tenkasi only by 10… (My papa is very particular in keeping the time- but don’t you think this is too much!?).

Anyway I called them, the voice from the other side said,” Oh! You reached! That’s good I’ll call back shortly.” Appoaha onnu ashwasam aaye… Then they guided us to their place…

When we reached there, I saw a very familiar looking lady getting out her room… korch kazhinjappol bulb kathi… That was Ambika Maam- the person with whom I share my kunjimalu… or rather you can say the real owner of kunjimalu… I popped out of the car, ran towards her and hugged her… (I really don’t know what made me do that, but felt like that…) She smile at me and introduced me to all around… I felt so special and nice… she was talking about her debut and that she is really happy the way kunjimalu has turned out in the new film… I almost had goose bumps… J

After all this came the order, “get ready by 10. You have to meet the director.”

I wore an orange davani and stepped out to meet THE MAN. Surrounded by assistant directors, camera man, make up and costume guys. I tried to talk in a language which was totally unfamiliar to me – Tamil.  (All I know is okkarango and kaadal, hehe).

After sometime there was pin drop silence, the maker was here- Director Bala!  (films Sethu, pitamagan, nandha and naan kadavul for those who don’t know).  Now let me make it simple- ‘Director Bala had called me to Tenkasi for an audition! ‘

I may not be selected but then the fact that he considered me for an audition itself thrills me. (Am I not God’s favorite child?)


13 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 19 2010

hey guys

u took me wrong… it was just an audition… am not doing it… god didnt know this cod get soooo funny…. will b careful next time…


archana kavi