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May, 2010 | Archanakavi

mummy and me

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08 may 2010, 3 am

I know it’s been a while… and mujhe pata hai aapmein se bohat mujhse naraz bhi honge

But then April was quite boring. It was just too normal. Went to Delhi for papa’s 55th bday, mom was here with me for 3mths, Karen came down from bangaluru (yes, she is my cousin who came with me to twitter festival). And now my brother Ashish is in Kerala after 5 yrs. Hmmm n ya started with BOL (best of luck)

as now one exciting thing is going to happen- mummy and me is gonna release, so I thought of sharing my experience (for those who are thinking- ya now she is gonna promote her films- guys if I won’t then who will!!???)

neelathamara kanjapol I was enjoying the feedback-  calls, mails… korach ahamgaram vecharnnu…, agane enjoy chedond irnaapol, I got a call from Jithu Sir- MnM”s director and when I asked him about my character and story, he said, he would  mail me d script! (This was a new thing for me). the script was real and the next moment I called him and said YES! After that all I used to think is about Jewel.

Just few days before I was asked to join the shoot, I felt like ditching kunjimalu… (I know this might sound insane), but then all this while I was kunjimalu, people like me because of her and now shamelessly am gonna be Jewel.

I called the entire team of neelathamara (from MT Sir, Lal sir to Ajitha chechi- our hairdresser) and cried my kidney out… This was when I realized that neelathamara was not just a movie for us, it was a family. They all were like; you’ll be fine, ed aadhyaathe padam aayegondaan, professional aayi kollum…

But all of this didn’t make sense to me then; wedding kazyinj achandeyum ammeyudeyum aadthann husband nde veetil poganne pole feeling aarunnu… [anganne aarikyumenn ennde vishvaasam ;) ]

Aangane njan MnM de locationil poyi….


MnM was entirely opposite to neelathamara- the mood was different, character had nothing to do with kunjimalu… but then there was one thing in common- dedication…

The main location was kuttikanam, and must say it was freezing cold.

Almost everyday we had to get up at 5, and I used to curse myself and everyone around for it, but then there were people who used to get up at 3, so that they can wake us up by 5 with tea.

We all worked together and its pure team work.


When we were almost getting over with the shoot and were left with the song shoot. Asianet award declared. And I was on the top of the world. But if I would go, they won’t be able to shoot as they had planned the song. On top of that the master’s dates were also a problem…

As usual I was upset and confused as I didn’t know wat to do…

That’s when Joy Sir (producer of MnM) called and said she should go. it’s her 1st award, njan expenses sahichollam. I thank him alot for being so kind… that’s how I got a half day leave and I made it to the award.

i realized that MnM is Jithu sir’s 2nd movie ( detective was the 1st movie), Joy Sir 2nd film ( hello), and so was my case… weird na…

35 days as Jewel was not that simple but I loved the way it has turned out.

I know, it won’t be easy for you all to love Jewel the way u loved kunjimalu, but then she will try her best….


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