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My date with camera!

2 Comments | This entry was posted on Dec 06 2013

Last month, I had a photo shoot by Jameshkka for Star & Style Magazine, for their Jewellery section.

I eyed the makeup man Aneesh to pick my phone, to take a snap.




So when you ask what moment I fell in love with camera, hmmm…. its not simple.

It started, when I was a child. My uncle used to love photography and I loved being in frame and could pose all day long…

That’s when my parents realised I was in love with “you”.







(with my best friend, my grandpa…)

It happened again when I had my 1st photoshoot for Manorama weekly some 5 years back…

I still remember the wait, flashy lights,thankfully my friends were around me n Aneesh Upasana, my 1st professional photographer, was extremely patient.

That’s when my friends realised “you” were best for me.

my 1st cover photo!

my 1st cover photo!

It was during the shoots of Neelathamara that I realised, I was in love with you…



(it gives you an extra kick when your friends get excited for you...)

(it gives you an extra kick when your friends get excited for you…)



the new star and style is out! grab your copy!!!

posting few pics…










finally the results…






I have fallen in love with you thousand times and I don’t plan stopping, ever… :)

Lots of love

Archana Kavi





Talk laughter and friendship

2 Comments | This entry was posted on Nov 11 2013


Weekend was here and my work was kinda taking a toil on me… starting a new venture isn’t an easy job… (will post about it later). So it was time to take a break…

Weekend-Started off by spending a day with a cute couple Merlin and Sajith… yes theirs is an interreligious marriage and their love story is worth a blog… hehe

Merlin is pregnant and has a happy glow on her face…there is this blissful simple openness to them…this is the 3rd time am meeting them and we bonded quite well…

(Merlin and Sajith-totally made for each other...)

(Merlin and Sajith-totally made for each other…)

My Saturdays are usually with my cousins but this time there was a twist… I spent the night at my old friend vanthana’s house…

Sleepovers!!! I hardly used to get permission to do that when I was small… perks of growing up… ;)

It has been almost a year I spoke to her properly and that’s the best part about our bond… am sure we all have that one friend whom we talk once in a while but when you do, you start off exactly from where you left…

(Shyam and Vanthana and they lived happily ever after!)

(Shyam and Vanthana and they lived happily ever after!)

Vanthana is bad with names and I think it took her almost a year to remember mine… hehe
We brought Domino’s and sat up whole night talking, there was a lot we missed out on each other… hmm… by now she knows me inside out and yet doesn’t judge me… you can be yourself only with your friends…

(Anu... my partner in crime)

(Anu… my partner in crime)

Sunday we both went to meet Anu… I know her for more than 3 years now but it seems like forever… she is my dude friend…
I have been blessed to have some really good friends… they have seen me crying.. stand right by your side when I laugh out loud and get breathless… oh boy I have the weirdest laugh on the planet earth… lol…

No matter how old you grow, with friends you can always have those gossip sessions, dance like mad person, sleepovers… a friend will always pick you up when you fall but after he finishes laughing ;)


When I came down from delhi I was super scared to make friends but hey, we live in a world where we all need more good friends, so take them where you can get them!


So my beautiful friends out there, hope you all had a wonderful weekend…


Lots of love
Archana Kavi