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Just for a change…

2 Comments | This entry was posted on Nov 12 2013

Normally I have seen that it takes a lot for a malayalee girl to do anything that would fundamentally change her look. But trust me its all worth it. If no one has given you a second glance in a while and you are tired of tying the same boring ponytail, it’s time for a makeover… ;)

I strongly believe that the moment you feel that you have had enough of the present look; you should straight away head to a parlour and get a make-over.  and that’s how I decided to get a haircut… but the problem with people like me is that we love our length… so makeover venam, pakshe chetta length kalayaruthe… lol tricky but a common problem… alle?

Hmmm so after all the research I found out a place to get my new look…


I was really happy with Jomon, he works in studio revive panampally nagar… he did exactly what I wanted!

Posting some pictures hope you like them.




man at work... lol

man at work… lol


and its done... :)

and its done… :)

Ok… I agree that in the picture I look little blah but i loved my hair!!! :P

I just layered my hair and added deeper, warmer streaks of shades in burgundy… (dont know if you will be able to notice that in pics)


The bottom line is turn heads by a simple twist to your present hairstyle. And feel fresh.


Till I come up with my next blog its goodnight


With lots of love

Archana Kavi

My diwali!

5 Comments | This entry was posted on Nov 04 2013

Hey all my beautiful readers!

As a kid this was my favourite time of the year! Eid and diwali followed by Christmas and new year… then the most important day… My birthday!! Hehe

It felt like the whole world is preparing for you birthday! A two-three months long party for a child desperate for reasons to celebrate! The lights we used to put on for diwali was taken out only after my birthday… *blush*

Anyways ill save up the excitement for that later… right now as I promised, am posting few pics of my dilwali celebration…

I made besan ke ladoo… which are my favourites!


My friend hosted a party and went there to blast, woh bhi shtyle mein… chose orange green and gold! Feedbacks please


Had a special guest, who looked really cute in mund and shirt… gregu this is diwaliii



We cant help feeling excited for festive seasons-Sweets and crackers…


Had a safe and bright diwali…love being with friends and family…

Let the lights bright up your lives!

More coming up,till then lotsss of love

Archana Kavi