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A walk to remember…. :)

11 Comments | This entry was posted on Oct 21 2013

When Parvathy (we call her,Paro) called me to be the showstopper for designer Julie, my immediate reaction was,”OMG! hmmm… OK!”
My second reaction was, AAYO!IMG_20131020_003234
They say your gut reaction is usually right. But the voices of doubt whispers… but in my case it started shouting out loud!!
Did I really want to put myself on the runaway in front of all the press and fashion bloggers and God knows who all… hey! Wait a minute…. with all of them armed with camera and FB accounts…. ISHWARA!
I dont actually remember when I started walking… but that’s what I have been effortlessly doing for so many year… so its not gonna be a big deal… right???
As I got ready to leave, I realized I was carrying alot other baggages. I have my own insecurities… Well, I must admit… am a tiny little thing who never walks but hops from one place to another. WALKING IS A BIG DEAL!

Thankfully Julie had a beautiful piece of art for me to wear. Orange shade I believe goes well with indian skin tone.
Dressing up for the show was fun. Reminded me of fashion movie… :)
Finally the show was on…
All the models who walking for Julie were graceful and full of energy! For her collection was colourful peppy and treat to the eyes…
Then came my turn, by that time I had lost the count of my heart beat.. As I entered the ramp it was all mute, shutterbugs and all eyes on me… There is a world where only your soul can be… I was walking there… everything looked like a slow motion film…

The show got over…

Hmph! It took a while for me to get back to normalcy… and I dont know if I did justice on the ramp…But that moment will be with me forever.

Thank you Julie! Thank you all who were there for me…


Archana Kavi

come celebrate with us!

1 Comment | This entry was posted on Sep 21 2013

Born to a middle class orthodox Christian family, least was I aware that I would be a part of the indian cinema.

I strongly believe in destiny or else a tom boy from delhi can never become God’s own country’s kunjmalu… thank you for accepting me…

We are celebrating the 100 Years of Indian Cinema and it feels great to be a part of it…Time to celebrate and rejoice !

Few information i found from the net and thought you guys would be interested.The beginning of India’s film industry can be traced to an advertisement which appeared in the Times of India on July 7, 1896, inviting people to witness “the wonder of the world,” Lumiere Brothers’ moving pictures. Lumiere Brothers showcased the six soundless short films at Bombay’s Watson Hotel on July 7, 1896. The very first Indian film was Wrestlers in 1899.

The year 1913 marked the production and release of India’s first full-length indigenous silent feature film, Raja Harishchandra. It was made by Dhundirak Govind Phalke or Dadasaheb Phalke, who is also known as the ‘father of Indian cinema’. The film was released on May 3, 1913 at the Coronation Cinema, Bombay and had titles in Hindi and English. This movie not only became a runaway success, it also became the template of future. The film was first premiered on April 21, 1913. Thus Indian Cinema enters the 100th year!

And without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible! Thank you for being a wonderful audience!



Archna Kavi