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Last month, I had a photo shoot by Jameshkka for Star & Style Magazine, for their Jewellery section.

I eyed the makeup man Aneesh to pick my phone, to take a snap.




So when you ask what moment I fell in love with camera, hmmm…. its not simple.

It started, when I was a child. My uncle used to love photography and I loved being in frame and could pose all day long…

That’s when my parents realised I was in love with “you”.







(with my best friend, my grandpa…)

It happened again when I had my 1st photoshoot for Manorama weekly some 5 years back…

I still remember the wait, flashy lights,thankfully my friends were around me n Aneesh Upasana, my 1st professional photographer, was extremely patient.

That’s when my friends realised “you” were best for me.

my 1st cover photo!

my 1st cover photo!

It was during the shoots of Neelathamara that I realised, I was in love with you…



(it gives you an extra kick when your friends get excited for you...)

(it gives you an extra kick when your friends get excited for you…)



the new star and style is out! grab your copy!!!

posting few pics…










finally the results…






I have fallen in love with you thousand times and I don’t plan stopping, ever… :)

Lots of love

Archana Kavi





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The power of touch… http://archanakavi.in/life/the-power-of-touch http://archanakavi.in/life/the-power-of-touch#comments Wed, 20 Nov 2013 16:05:25 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=309

This blog am trying to share something beautiful but words are taking their time… Hope I do justice to my feelings…

So here it is…

Pa had recently visited a centre for people with multiple disabilities named John Paul 2 peace home  and was super excited to take me there. So we decided to keep it for this Sunday.

After the morning mass, Pa, my two cousins and I got into the car and left for Trichur.

Its not that we haven’t gone to such places but this time I really didn’t know what to expect as my pa kept on saying “This place is different…”
Like how I talk about my films… lol

The two hours in the car I was blank. We had random discussions but I was sleepy and tired as I slept late the previous night.

When we reached, the place was silent and neat. I saw a stone which read that it was inaugurated by John Paul during his visits to Kerala in 1986… wow! I wasn’t even born then…

As I walked in, my steps became smaller… I looked around to make sure my folks were with me… though I smiled, it was a made up one… my body language and thoughts just made me feel small of myself… thankfully it was a conflict within… I was scared if they would hurt me and wondered how I would go through this, we didn’t even finish the first room!

I looked around and saw my pa shaking hands and talking to them as if he knew them forever..  Quietly I asked a sister around, will they get violent? , with a smile she said, “No, they don’t even know what is happening to them. The noise they are making is because they are happy to see you. All they want is care.” With that she took a cloth and wiped the face of a child which was covered with his saliva.

With much effort I decided to follow her… I touched his face and he looked at me. The look that lasted for more than 2 minutes. No other form of communication is as universally understood as a touch. It soothes one’s anxieties,  in this case it was mine… It allowed the final hold I had to drop and allowed my heart to open up… . seemed as if he was trying to tell me something. I could have sat there the whole day… looking into those eyes… but pa called me, lets go to the next room…

achu4    achu5

As I walked away I was thinking why was I fighting the force between that person and me? Like my friend once said at the end of the day, its ashes to ashes…

Hmm… Some people there were born like that and some because of some accident that made them cripple for life. Each one having a sad story but the faces all lit up.  As I passed each one there was a joy which was beyond words.

From there we went to grace home, a research and rehabilitation center for HIVs.
I was welcomed by cute little ones… but usually when I visit kids they just jump all over you but here I saw shy, reluctant kids… but it took just two minutes for us to sink… same age you see ;)

We danced…sang songs…

And with that I came back to Cochin…

I don’t think my one day spent with them has contributed much to their lives but I have re learned the power of touch, a smile, a warm hug… it surely turns your life around…

Posting few pics here…

the lady with the divine grace

the lady with the divine grace

writer dude :)

writer dude :)


the pretty nightingale

the pretty nightingale


For all those who want to visit:

Pope John Paul Peace home


Trichur 680581

Ph no 0487-2200206


With lots of love

Archana Kavi

PS: They have send a big warm hug to all my beautiful readers…. :)



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Just for a change… http://archanakavi.in/general/just-for-a-change http://archanakavi.in/general/just-for-a-change#comments Tue, 12 Nov 2013 11:06:26 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=302

Normally I have seen that it takes a lot for a malayalee girl to do anything that would fundamentally change her look. But trust me its all worth it. If no one has given you a second glance in a while and you are tired of tying the same boring ponytail, it’s time for a makeover… ;)

I strongly believe that the moment you feel that you have had enough of the present look; you should straight away head to a parlour and get a make-over.  and that’s how I decided to get a haircut… but the problem with people like me is that we love our length… so makeover venam, pakshe chetta length kalayaruthe… lol tricky but a common problem… alle?

Hmmm so after all the research I found out a place to get my new look…


I was really happy with Jomon, he works in studio revive panampally nagar… he did exactly what I wanted!

Posting some pictures hope you like them.




man at work... lol

man at work… lol


and its done... :)

and its done… :)

Ok… I agree that in the picture I look little blah but i loved my hair!!! :P

I just layered my hair and added deeper, warmer streaks of shades in burgundy… (dont know if you will be able to notice that in pics)


The bottom line is turn heads by a simple twist to your present hairstyle. And feel fresh.


Till I come up with my next blog its goodnight


With lots of love

Archana Kavi

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Talk laughter and friendship http://archanakavi.in/life/talk-laughter-and-friendship http://archanakavi.in/life/talk-laughter-and-friendship#comments Mon, 11 Nov 2013 04:15:30 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=292


Weekend was here and my work was kinda taking a toil on me… starting a new venture isn’t an easy job… (will post about it later). So it was time to take a break…

Weekend-Started off by spending a day with a cute couple Merlin and Sajith… yes theirs is an interreligious marriage and their love story is worth a blog… hehe

Merlin is pregnant and has a happy glow on her face…there is this blissful simple openness to them…this is the 3rd time am meeting them and we bonded quite well…

(Merlin and Sajith-totally made for each other...)

(Merlin and Sajith-totally made for each other…)

My Saturdays are usually with my cousins but this time there was a twist… I spent the night at my old friend vanthana’s house…

Sleepovers!!! I hardly used to get permission to do that when I was small… perks of growing up… ;)

It has been almost a year I spoke to her properly and that’s the best part about our bond… am sure we all have that one friend whom we talk once in a while but when you do, you start off exactly from where you left…

(Shyam and Vanthana and they lived happily ever after!)

(Shyam and Vanthana and they lived happily ever after!)

Vanthana is bad with names and I think it took her almost a year to remember mine… hehe
We brought Domino’s and sat up whole night talking, there was a lot we missed out on each other… hmm… by now she knows me inside out and yet doesn’t judge me… you can be yourself only with your friends…

(Anu... my partner in crime)

(Anu… my partner in crime)

Sunday we both went to meet Anu… I know her for more than 3 years now but it seems like forever… she is my dude friend…
I have been blessed to have some really good friends… they have seen me crying.. stand right by your side when I laugh out loud and get breathless… oh boy I have the weirdest laugh on the planet earth… lol…

No matter how old you grow, with friends you can always have those gossip sessions, dance like mad person, sleepovers… a friend will always pick you up when you fall but after he finishes laughing ;)


When I came down from delhi I was super scared to make friends but hey, we live in a world where we all need more good friends, so take them where you can get them!


So my beautiful friends out there, hope you all had a wonderful weekend…


Lots of love
Archana Kavi


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My diwali! http://archanakavi.in/general/my-diwali http://archanakavi.in/general/my-diwali#comments Mon, 04 Nov 2013 13:41:44 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=282

Hey all my beautiful readers!

As a kid this was my favourite time of the year! Eid and diwali followed by Christmas and new year… then the most important day… My birthday!! Hehe

It felt like the whole world is preparing for you birthday! A two-three months long party for a child desperate for reasons to celebrate! The lights we used to put on for diwali was taken out only after my birthday… *blush*

Anyways ill save up the excitement for that later… right now as I promised, am posting few pics of my dilwali celebration…

I made besan ke ladoo… which are my favourites!


My friend hosted a party and went there to blast, woh bhi shtyle mein… chose orange green and gold! Feedbacks please


Had a special guest, who looked really cute in mund and shirt… gregu this is diwaliii



We cant help feeling excited for festive seasons-Sweets and crackers…


Had a safe and bright diwali…love being with friends and family…

Let the lights bright up your lives!

More coming up,till then lotsss of love

Archana Kavi

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Freeze life at 25… http://archanakavi.in/life/274 http://archanakavi.in/life/274#comments Tue, 29 Oct 2013 10:53:05 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=274

When I look at my niece “Echu” (aka Tanvi Tharian), I think of myself… she is 13 and she can’t wait to get to 18…

She keeps asking Rosy Chechi(her mum), when can I have my second piercing, get my eyebrows done, get my own make up? … the list just  goes on… To all these questions she gets only one answer; “after school echuuu….
Eighteen… hmmm, we all think by then we’ll know answers to all our questions and its going to be really fun.. Especially because we earn the prized freedom by then…

When I was 18, I had plans to get married by 24, have kids by 28..  (now dont stare at me, we all go by that phase, *chammiya expression*)
But by the time I turned 21, thanks to my friends, specially “Ande”( aka Andrine Mendez), I had a list of goals to achieve and had begun my journey towards it… (ande still makes fun of me by saying, “nee ardengilum peelare nokki irunnene” lol, thinking of it… I actually wouldn’t  mind that Ande.. hmmm ;) )
Its really weird how time changes things… by the time you figure all this out, a funny thing happens… you turn 25!
I believe 25 is an age where you haven’t grown enough… an age which seemed so far away 5 years ago…
You start worrying about savings… If you are a guy “settling down”,own your own car or for some, their own house… for girls; get ready to enter the marriage market…

Thanks to God coz my parents had always been cool about these things…

Sometimes it makes me think if am on the right track, and compare my 25 with others… Sadly you don’t know what is right, because everyone has their own journey and yours seems so different from others…

Am sure we all had our moments where you feel like quitting your job and going back to school or starting something of your own… but the benchmarks set by our society never let us…
Come on guys let not our age control our lives…

I hope my fifty means learning cookery, making new friends…

My forties include falling in love with my partner over again… waking up the whole night to see the sun rise..

My thirties about travelling, exploring new places…

Lets grow up to be a happy person because our life is ours…
So, slow down and breath in… Life pollikku machane!! :P
Enjoy life where ever you are!

Lots of love yet again

Archana Kavi

freezing them

freezing them

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bread pakora to dilwali! http://archanakavi.in/life/bread-pakora-to-dilwali http://archanakavi.in/life/bread-pakora-to-dilwali#comments Wed, 23 Oct 2013 06:27:07 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=248

Today’s breakfast just brought back all the memories from my days in delhi… Bread pakora! Yum it is….


Though deep fried in oil, but once in a while chalta hai,right?? Try it when its raining…

Am happy with my life here, some days I miss delhi like hell… especially the festivals….

Now this reminds me… Its time for millions of people in India to celebrate dilwali!!!!! Am gonna miss out all the fun, crackers, lights, rangoli and masti… :(

Hmph! Samadikyillaaa…. Am gonna celebrate diwali in cochin! From home made sweets to diyas… gonna do it all here… most importantly dressing up… ;)

So if you guys have any suggestions on what I should wear, please post in… and ill let you know how it went…
Gearing up for diwali… and thank you didi for making pakora for breaky… :P

Lots of love


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Wonders around you… :) http://archanakavi.in/life/wonders-around-you http://archanakavi.in/life/wonders-around-you#comments Tue, 22 Oct 2013 06:31:58 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=241

Sundays are kept for family and friends and I so badly look forward to be in cochin. This time we thought of testing our talent in photography… :P Oh ya… We found it funny too..

But isnt life all about stepping out of the barriers built by yourself? We loved clicking..

To all my photographer friends… am sorry ;) njan inni cheyilla ketto… lol

So here it is…

“Wonders around you”



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A walk to remember…. :) http://archanakavi.in/general/219 http://archanakavi.in/general/219#comments Mon, 21 Oct 2013 07:58:50 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=219

When Parvathy (we call her,Paro) called me to be the showstopper for designer Julie, my immediate reaction was,”OMG! hmmm… OK!”
My second reaction was, AAYO!IMG_20131020_003234
They say your gut reaction is usually right. But the voices of doubt whispers… but in my case it started shouting out loud!!
Did I really want to put myself on the runaway in front of all the press and fashion bloggers and God knows who all… hey! Wait a minute…. with all of them armed with camera and FB accounts…. ISHWARA!
I dont actually remember when I started walking… but that’s what I have been effortlessly doing for so many year… so its not gonna be a big deal… right???
As I got ready to leave, I realized I was carrying alot other baggages. I have my own insecurities… Well, I must admit… am a tiny little thing who never walks but hops from one place to another. WALKING IS A BIG DEAL!

Thankfully Julie had a beautiful piece of art for me to wear. Orange shade I believe goes well with indian skin tone.
Dressing up for the show was fun. Reminded me of fashion movie… :)
Finally the show was on…
All the models who walking for Julie were graceful and full of energy! For her collection was colourful peppy and treat to the eyes…
Then came my turn, by that time I had lost the count of my heart beat.. As I entered the ramp it was all mute, shutterbugs and all eyes on me… There is a world where only your soul can be… I was walking there… everything looked like a slow motion film…

The show got over…

Hmph! It took a while for me to get back to normalcy… and I dont know if I did justice on the ramp…But that moment will be with me forever.

Thank you Julie! Thank you all who were there for me…


Archana Kavi

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Where the stars belong http://archanakavi.in/general/where-the-stars-belong http://archanakavi.in/general/where-the-stars-belong#comments Mon, 21 Oct 2013 04:51:37 +0000 http://archanakavi.in/?p=217

I still remember watching kuch kuch hota hai and believing the concept of wishing upon a shooting star… since then I have always longed to see a shooting star… it has always been a secret desire… and growing up didnt make any difference…
Few days back, guess the day after the release of pattampole(PP)… Malavika, , PP’s heroine (here on referred as malu) and I decided to go the balcony and gazed the sky… trust me there was something mystical about that night… it was unusually clear and the stars where bright and beautiful…
As we were talking, I saw a small tiny star shooting its way and by the time I called malu to see, it had disappeared… I cant put in words how I felt… and everytime I think of it I get goosebumps… trust me nothing has made me feel like that…
I wanted to make a wish, scream out loud! Cry(Dont ask me why).. I was pouring out with emotions, different kinds… i was spellbound and missed out on the wish part…. :P
Though I made a random one… will post what, if it comes true…

Anyways that made me think… your dreams will come true but are you ready for it? well… I wasn’t… even though I strongly desired for it… whatever you dream… trust me it will come true… all you have to do is believe in it…

(PS: malu still believes its a minna-minugu lol)
On that note… its goodnight from me!
Lots of love



IMG_20131021_012638Archana Kavi

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