Recap 2018

The year I turned 30. The birthday I was looking forward to but ended by falling sick.

2018 was a year that made me realise, how much I was taking things for granted…
That humanity exists;  and that Kerala has this crazy spirit that’s difficult to explain.

That there is a thin line between being conservative and sexist.

We had World cup this year and a lot of true lovers of the sport were sad for Messi and Ronaldo.
I don’t follow any sports but I could feel their pain.

Mary Kom proved again she can land a punch six times. She has made us proud!

This year I wrote a few campaigns… and realised my love for writing…
Some things worked as planned and some that I desperately wanted to work, didn’t.
Malayalam cinema made gems again this year.

couldn’t add all of them.

We were hit by Nipha virus and in 40 days we conquered it.We found new heroes, witnessed a love story that’s never seen before.

Lini’s letter to her husband

“Sajeeshetta I’m almost on the way. I don’t think I’ll be able to see you. Sorry. Please look after our children well. Take the children to the Gulf. Please don’t be alone like our father. Please. With lots of love…. Umma.”

This is the most romantic and painful letter I have ever read.

We thought we were back on track… but the flood gates opened.

The world witnessed the story of humans. We found new heroes again.

fishermen- the real heroes

People who are close to me know how much I love my family… but for the first time I felt it wasn’t enough. I spent a whole month with family…

This year I went to my school as a chief guest for the play fest… All Xavierians out there will understand how important it is…

Play fest 2018, with my teachers.

In my school we only have best performance award… It doesn’t matter if it’s an actor or an actress…  They made equality so simple.

This year taught us no one can fight a battle alone… it’s very easy to turn around and point a finger at that one courageous lonely person… But thanks to a few women who gave courage to a lot of women to come out and say it’s not okay… 

My heart reaches out to the men who are confused and want to have a conversation. Let’s talk…It’s time to do what’s right.

Now talking about what’s right… I think as a state we shouldn’t forget the love we had during the flood.

That was our true symbol of unity.
Anyway 2018, Abish had his first one hour special on amazon…

Abish’s stand-up special.
Go watch it! He is roasting me… πŸ™‚

and yeah this was also the year of weddings…

I thank 2018 for all the learning and I hope 2019 we would make use to it.


  1. 2018 was indeed quite a year! Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2019 . I hope and pray that the new year brings you all the joy and wonders you dream of! ❀️

  2. A perfect sum up for an imperfectly perfect year! Kudos on this, sweet woman. Hope you have a great year ahead πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the article recap 2018 mam for taking back to the reframe the memories….!

    Hope U more successful year to begin 😍

  4. I am a fan of this woman..

    She is too good and simple at whatever she does. Vlog or blog. Go ahead and capture more minds, make them drool over those content in your posts.

    I read this blog few minutes back, and I still have that effect.. u know certain things it just stays with us even after minutes or hours of reading it, making us think more
    about it.

    You’re powerful in your writing!

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