Letter (001)

30. 12. 2018

Dear Y

I always loved the idea of having a pen friend but it never worked out. So here I’m writing things I want to tell you and for convenience you will be called Y. You can reply to me by pressing the contact button above.

So for past few days I felt extremely low… yes it was that time of the month too. I was so miserable that I was about to delete my Instagram account. I had to tell myself to hold on for a week and if I feel the same we’ll think about it and I listened to myself. 

I know people don’t prefer showing their real, maybe sad things on social media. I don’t want to do that anymore…

Every time someone messages me, Oh you are so cute and full of energy… I love your life… I think to myself am I always cute and happy? My friends and family might differ… I can be as mean as Ursula and as dull as Droopy dog but they still manage to exist around me…

I was thinking I’ll share my thoughts and other fluffs here coz I know a lot of people hate reading, me being one of them. So I was thinking, that the 5 people who are reading this and are interested in being my pen friend, can write back to me… what say? 

Anyway think about it and let me know…

Hope you have a wonderful 2019.

Let me know how you are spending your New Year… I might be just keeping myself warm under the blanket and watching something on the Netflix.

Lots of love



  1. Bursting out your feelings through the art of writing is one of the most pristine habit. I always love to read blogs too. The words just enter to your own self and give you inspiration at times.

  2. Keep writing. I ll read no matter what kind of crap you write ♥️
    This new years the plan is to stay home have dinner with family and get wasted till we all pass out!

  3. This idea is maybe like sharing/exchanging your dear diary with a good friend .. I loved the idea and will love to read more from you ..keep writing Archie 🌼💚
    And this new year I will be making small greeting cards for few of my friends and secretly keep it between their books and have some pastries and study till my eyes got swollen because thats the only option left for me..😂😂
    Happy 2019😘

  4. Yes. I would love to. I really love reading blogs. This new year also will pass on like every other New year, manipulating resolutions in all way possible and also staying up till 12:00 and watching the Christmas Father being burnt down in Fort Kochi. (Just Kochi things 😜)

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