Men and their self-gratification (part 2)

So where was I? Yea… All eyes on me…

You know something, when you spend time with funny people, you some how become aware of each and every body part especially when the attention is on you… which I should tell you rarely happens…. 

So I started thinking about the word masturbation…  In the previous part, I had to spell it thrice to get it right… My toe nail to my hair tip all had weird emotions… All this happened in a flash of 5 secs. 

But something nice happened, they moved to the next person… maybe they never intended to ask me or realised that I was the only woman present and it might have been awkward to expect me to share or they judged my sex life… Anyway I was relieved. Just how maths teacher skips your number while checking the note book.

The evening went well… We all went back to the youtube fail videos. 
I was thinking about my man’s choice of place… Right then one of the gentlemen decided to broaden my knowledge. He said,”Archana, if you ever have a boy child.. don’t let him know that you know that he masturbates.” 

I was just a few months into my marriage and having a child was not even in my wildest of dreams. But I heard him carefully… I asked why? He said, “trust me… You shouldn’t.” The whole room somehow agreed to that point. This made me think… We talk about periods and educate men about our things and needs… shouldnt they do the same? So I told him, “I’m gonna be a cool mom… I’ll talk to him about everything… I think we should bring him up in an open environment.” 

He shook his head and when I looked around everyone was in a sic. There is something about the boy-code that I like… 
Anyway, he continued… “Archana, if he says it’s fevicol… It’s fevicol… Don’t let him know…”

It took me a few seconds to understand what he meant by fevicol.
Ohhhh fevicol!, I said.

He continued, “He is going to do it for the rest of his life and if you have a talk with him… every time he thinks about it your face will pop in his head and I’m sure you don’t want that.”

“Ewwww”, I thought and that explained everything.  
That day I realised there is so many things that we don’t know about men and we might never know… I was glad I had a friend who was free enough to share.

And that night I slept worrying about my unborn boy child. 
I couldn’t wait to share this to my cousin who has a teenager at home…

And I also wanted the world to know… I waited  for the morning…..


  1. Nice one. 🙂 . Masterbation is still a topic that some men avoid talking about though. But, I agree that you shouldn’t be discussing it with your son.

  2. Don’t try to educate your boy about masterbation.he learn it by himself as he grows all it’s pros and cons.and that’s right dont let him know that you know that he’s masterbating.Give him his space !

  3. Yeah both of you & him was right whether to discuss about Masturbation or not…i still have no idea about periods nor I ever tried to Google it…even what a Masturbation is I came to know about it during my childhood but I know that both male & female does Masturbation & no individual is innocent on that part though

  4. ഞാൻ സ്വയം ഭോഗം ചെയ്യുന്ന ഒരാൾ അന്ന് !
    ഞാൻ അത് മറച്ചു പിടിച്ചില്ല !
    എന്റെ കൂട്ടുകരിയോട് തുറന്നു പറഞ്ഞിട്ടുണ്ട് !
    അവൾ അതിനെ കൂൾ ആയി എടുത്തു !
    എന്റെ അഭിപ്രായത്തിൽ സ്വയം ഭോഗം ചെയ്യുന്നത് ഒരു കുറ്റം ഒന്നും അല്ല!
    ഇന്നത്തെ സമൂഹത്തിൽ സെൽഫ് control ഇന് ഇത് നല്ലതാണ് !

  5. You are lucky to be such kind of person if your friends free to share all these things. Trust is not a small thing.

  6. Great….now I feel proud to own my man who put an effort to remove the reluctance hindering my complete involvement in our usual long open conversations….😞🙈
    Thankful to his stories…see now this girl (improved version) is fit enough to shoot the words #female masturbation💪
    Thankyou archna….for making me realise how worthy his efforts were…
    Good work…well written😍😍

  7. I think masturbation is good for our body for both women and men it release sexual tension and to get to know our body. I think most of the people masturbate there is nothing to be ashamed of its a normal process.

  8. Hello Archana, first of all wishing you a beautiful new year 🙂 … I would say, it is a brave effort writing about Masturbation… Also glad that you got great friends. Trusting ain’t that easy! Anyways! Keep writing and just a suggestion, may be you should’t be discussing about ‘Fevicol’ with your son!
    All the best. Kudos to this!

  9. Wow..archana this was cool….
    I just loved the entire blog….do write more and more…

    Simple and easily enyered my heart and also u added ur full emotions and weird feelings that you have faced on that moment in a simplest way …waahhh…

  10. Women are far luckier than can have only one or two orgasm..women can more than 100 times in one time,,amazing…

  11. Masturbation is art of enjoying self…but with”imagination partner” without hurting any one you can enjoy yourself and feel relax…. not to wait for your partner’s mood……you can enjoy…and happy yourself. No worry about HIV…

  12. bold and meaningful thoughts…. In our society where physical maturity and dalay in marriage is considered normal..

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