Ms X.

Ms X. (I’m going to keep it as a mystery)

As I’m writing her name, my hands are shivering. She was one of the most strict teachers we had in the junior school. She used to teach history. Most of the time students were confused if her anger was towards the history, the subject, or the present students. There was nothing that could make her happy.

Fortunately she never taught me. Every year our prayers only used to be subject “padah le per class teacher mat banana.”

Other teachers used to warn us about her. The old joke about how mothers used to put their kids to sleep “bache soh ja warna gabbar a jayega” the effect was almost the same.

But I was happy… Coz when I was in 7th she was neither my history teacher nor my class teacher. 

But God wasn’t happy about it… So he made her my house coordinator. 

The only reason why I used to go to school was to be on the stage and God took that joy from me… 

Coordinators have to closely work with the house students for all the extra curricular activities. This was the only time I wished her to be my class teacher.

Anyway we had to meet her for some competitions. 

She was mad at us for being 5 minutes late and the rules were laid well.

We didn’t realise whether we were rehearsing hard to win or not to get scolded by Ms X. Anyway days passed… and we saw things we never saw before, she smiles and sings old Hindi songs… She brought food and shared with us… and one day as we were rehearsing our dance steps, I think I saw her move a bit.

And just before the final act, she hugged us and told us to just have fun… Fun? She said fun?! , I thought.

That’s when I realised art moves people and if you look close everyone has a soft side.

That thought lasted until the day she came as a substitute teacher to my class.



  1. To everything you and Abish does I have a very critical approach. Not coz im generally critical. But coz i like you’ll as humans. This ones too short … Thats tge criticism. But i like all that you’ll do…

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