Role Reverse

When I was a kid, my dad used to travel a lot because of his work.

I remember this funny feeling I used to get in my tummy, each time I saw his suitcase out.

I knew he wouldn’t listen but each time he walked out of the door, I would be glued to his foot, pulling him back.

Well, I wasn’t strong enough…

My mom had so much to deal with… first her work, handle the entire household and then two adorable kids. To top it off I used to fall ill only when my dad was out-of-town. Either he used to travel a lot or I used to miss him a lot. Either way it was a task for my mom.

Today I’m 30, and each time I visit home my parents want me to stay longer. The only difference is they can’t cling to my leg and pull me back…

I know how they feel and it hurts that I have to go…

I guess… I now know how he felt back then.

papapa“Those were the days ……Rum and coke and lots of dreams and hair” – Jose Kavi


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