Dearest Y

I know it been a while since I wrote something… 

I hope you are doing well.

I’m sitting on the floor with just the light from my laptop screen on my face… Past few weeks have been crazy…I finished writing and shooting a web series…. something I’m super excited to share it with you. It would be a month wait, though… 

They say it takes a town to raise a child and I feel it’s so true… It took a team full of amazing people to take me out of depression and make me functional. I wrote this series coz writing helps me… I was least expecting it to form a shape… I’m thankful to each and every member of the team who came forward… I’m not sure how you will find meenaviyal… Yes! that’s what it’s called… (sounds like meanwhile, but its a dish which I’m not sure if it exists. It’s fish and mix-veg, a combination that i wonder if such a dish exists. And tha’ts the only hint I can give you about the show.

Last night we had our wrap up party… the love that in the room was infectious. Pa danced till 1am.

I’m sure there is someone up there watching me over and, trust me, he or she is doing an amazing job…

Btw I didn’t tell you… I’m acting in it too… and that was a challenge with all the medications, it was a little bit of a task to stay awake…. there again I can’t stop thanking my team… They were so supportive… 

I can’t wait to show you. It’s made with absolute love.

Llet me know how your month went by…. I would love to read…

lots of love



  1. Hi Sweet Achu, thank you for sharing your happinnes and feelings to us keep connected … always felt you like my sweet lil princess daughter… and specially i liked the expression in your letter ” Pa.. danced till 1 am… ” i wish all the energy and happiness my sweet heart… be you.. be the same.. treasuring your unseen presence in my life forever… take care my seert Achu Vaveeeee…

  2. ☺️ Sunshine,
    It’s takes a buttload of courage and strength to break the shield that our mind has created for us. Been there and done that. So you just shine through 🌼.
    You are an inspiration.
    Can’t wait for Meenaviyal 😁

  3. Well i am blindly addicted to your every takes no matter whether its a insta story,writings,vlog,….much excited of meenaviyal.Please reveal the original extract of meenaviyal asap..😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Well i am blindly addicted to your every takes no matter whether its a insta story,writings,vlog,….much excited of meenaviyal.Please reveal the original extract of meenaviyal asap..😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Dearest Archie,
    I am a doctor suffering from Chronic major depression and mood disorder since the last ten years, and have been under medication. So I can very well guess how you must be feeling, how every single day must be a struggle, how just getting out of bed feels like a stone tied to your leg weighing it down. My dad would ask me how you are not feeling well? Do u have fever? Do u have headache? What do I answer to that? Am the weakling of my family, the spoilt brat who is too lazy to cure herself of depression.
    I know how painful it is, when voices scream inside your head, yet you are numb from outside unable to speak, feel, think. And no amount of assurance is enough, and you drive the people you love to helplessness and despair, because nothing they seem to do, can cheer you up.
    Yet I am alive, surviving everyday, saving myself. Yes there is hope that one day my hands will stop trembling from the risperidone, one day I won’t feel like a corpse when I get up, One day my life will be filled with laughter and joy. And for that I have to trod on, get up everytime I fall. This battle isn’t easy Archie, and no one is going to wear pink ribbons for you to show their support for your silent struggle. But you will overcome. You will be happy one day.
    Leaving my email here, do write to me if you get time. I know we are not at the same level, and your life might be vastly different from mine. All I can promise, is I will always listen, and stand by you, as you fight your demons.
    Let those tears put, wipe them, clear your eyes, and get up and start again.
    Sending loads and loads of love to you.

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