My truth

Sometimes I sit and wonder, should I be this open about my life? Am I being too available for people? Should one be concerned about one’s privacy? Then I think when I’ll be gone, what  I am going to take with me — only the memories and lessons learned. Honestly, I would like to leave them behind as well… I haven’t lived my whole life (hopefully, dunno when the kalan will be knocking at my door) and the lessons life taught me are priceless.

My work may not be able to leave a mark behind, but I hope my life will… So here I am making a promise to myself to be as honest and open as I can be and live my truth even if it’s ugly.I haven’t spoken about my divorce because I know a lot of people were looking up to Abish and I as an ideal couple and I didn’t want to disappoint them. The truth is we both are wonderful humans and may not be so great together. We will continue to do what we are best known for. We don’t have any grudge against each other.

Some say, they want their best friends to be their life partners. I would say, I want my best friend to stay as my best friend and I would respect my friendship over any other dynamics. Sometimes people are just meant to be friends and hope everyone gets that wisdom to understand the difference. As I begin to open the chapters of my life, I request everyone to be kind. 
Hope you all had a wonderful festive season, more on its way. Lets welcome 2022 with our arms wide open. 




  1. Hello Archana. I have always been inspired by your honesty and genuineness. Hope you have a great year ahead too. Take care!

  2. I hav had the opportunity to talk to you for lika an hour. Playng games and all through a google meet session u held .i was going through a tough time and u cheered me up tht day. I laughd for so long after soo many dayss. U r soo talented nd u seems like a good person And i want all the best for you. Stay strong keep growing enjoyyy life to the fullest
    With love

  3. I hav had the opportunuty to talk to you nd play hames with you through a google meet session tht u held.i was going through a tough time nd u cheered me up tht day i laughd soo hard after so many days and i wish u alll the best wishess stay strong u r sooo talented we need to see more creative videos , web series nd all. I wish u all the happiness .

  4. Life is full of surprises and each day brings a new experience to us. Everyone goes through life changing situation we just have to learn from it and move on. That’s how we deal with life.
    Appreciate your confidence of being open about your life and just live your life as you want because no one knows about your life experiences as you know. So JUST LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST…❤️❤️❤️

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