My dad’s midnight affair

My dad’s midnight affair

Lately I wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to fall asleep again… 

On 21st of jan… I was at my Kochi house. I have rented an apartment beside backwaters and every evening I am blessed wth breathtaking view of the sunset. (Not showing off)

But none of this helped me with my sleep…

I woke up around 1am staring at the ceiling and praying for the sleep god to bless me. Then I heard my dad’s alarm ring in the next room. First I was confused then I realised they are 60+ old.

My mom’s alarm  religiously rings at 12:45am and it’s our duty to switch it off. If you ask me why we can’t just delete the alarm setting, there is only one answer — ,we are lazy and it’s fun to hear my dad complaining about it every morning…

Anyway I thought it was one of those… After a while it rang again.. this time he woke up, rushed out of his room. I could hear a few noises… and then he came back to his room, switched on the light and started texting someone… It was way past my mom’s bed time so who else could it be… I held back my thoughts… I wondered if he knew I could see him from my bed.

After a while he got out of his room and came out to check on me…. So maybe he knew… Hmm…

It was dark with light coming from the living room. I waved at him, just so that he knows I’m awake… 

He with his added base voice just asked, “orangi ille?” (didn’t you sleep?). Very strange I thought. What happened to my Toofan Mail dad?

I replied illa (no) with a cold tone… to which he just replied hmmm and walked back to his room and shut the door…. Maybe my dad needs camera to be extra sweet, I thought.

Now there was no way I could hold my anxiety… I got up to have some water… basically to investigate… 
I went to his room and asked with my base voice, “papade alarm etha ring chethe?” (Why did your alarm ring?)… He said it was set by mistake… My dad doesn’t look into my eyes when he lies… I knew he was upto something… I went back to my room, thinking of different possibilities.

Does he have an affair??!

When I turned he had shut my door! what an audacity, I thought… “Ithre dhayiriyum namakku pollum illaranallo” (Even we don’t have such courage!)

I started watching friends… Because my heart beat was overpowering the silence of the room…
After a while I heard a voice… Another base voice, hello. 

I turned… it was Abish! Everything made sense… 

My dad doesn’t have an affair! I told Abish….

Dad and Abish had a confused look on their faces. 23rd of January was our wedding anniversary, what an amazing surprise. 😀

Role Reverse

Role Reverse

When I was a kid, my dad used to travel a lot because of his work.

I remember this funny feeling I used to get in my tummy, each time I saw his suitcase out.

I knew he wouldn’t listen but each time he walked out of the door, I would be glued to his foot, pulling him back.

Well, I wasn’t strong enough…

My mom had so much to deal with… first her work, handle the entire household and then two adorable kids. To top it off I used to fall ill only when my dad was out-of-town. Either he used to travel a lot or I used to miss him a lot. Either way it was a task for my mom.

Today I’m 30, and each time I visit home my parents want me to stay longer. The only difference is they can’t cling to my leg and pull me back…

I know how they feel and it hurts that I have to go…

I guess… I now know how he felt back then.

papapa“Those were the days ……Rum and coke and lots of dreams and hair” – Jose Kavi

Drunk wishes…

Drunk wishes…

Yesterday I had a quiet dinner with my parents , came back home and slept. That was my new year. It might sound sad for all the 16 year olds but for me I LOVED IT!

I woke up to this wonderful wish and a drunk promise at the end lol.

I’m glad 2018 made me meet a lot more lovely people who accept me the way I am. I’m going to cherish this for life! Thanks my City Tigers and Tigresses. Can’t wait to meet you all soon…

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019… Can’t wait to explore more!

What do you wish for 2019? Let me know in the comments below…

Lots of warm hugs and kisses


Recap 2018

Recap 2018

The year I turned 30. The birthday I was looking forward to but ended by falling sick.

2018 was a year that made me realise, how much I was taking things for granted…
That humanity exists;  and that Kerala has this crazy spirit that’s difficult to explain.

That there is a thin line between being conservative and sexist.

We had World cup this year and a lot of true lovers of the sport were sad for Messi and Ronaldo.
I don’t follow any sports but I could feel their pain.

Mary Kom proved again she can land a punch six times. She has made us proud!

This year I wrote a few campaigns… and realised my love for writing…
Some things worked as planned and some that I desperately wanted to work, didn’t.
Malayalam cinema made gems again this year.

couldn’t add all of them.

We were hit by Nipha virus and in 40 days we conquered it.We found new heroes, witnessed a love story that’s never seen before.

Lini’s letter to her husband

“Sajeeshetta I’m almost on the way. I don’t think I’ll be able to see you. Sorry. Please look after our children well. Take the children to the Gulf. Please don’t be alone like our father. Please. With lots of love…. Umma.”

This is the most romantic and painful letter I have ever read.

We thought we were back on track… but the flood gates opened.

The world witnessed the story of humans. We found new heroes again.

fishermen- the real heroes

People who are close to me know how much I love my family… but for the first time I felt it wasn’t enough. I spent a whole month with family…

This year I went to my school as a chief guest for the play fest… All Xavierians out there will understand how important it is…

Play fest 2018, with my teachers.

In my school we only have best performance award… It doesn’t matter if it’s an actor or an actress…  They made equality so simple.

This year taught us no one can fight a battle alone… it’s very easy to turn around and point a finger at that one courageous lonely person… But thanks to a few women who gave courage to a lot of women to come out and say it’s not okay… 

My heart reaches out to the men who are confused and want to have a conversation. Let’s talk…It’s time to do what’s right.

Now talking about what’s right… I think as a state we shouldn’t forget the love we had during the flood.

That was our true symbol of unity.
Anyway 2018, Abish had his first one hour special on amazon…

Abish’s stand-up special.
Go watch it! He is roasting me… 🙂

and yeah this was also the year of weddings…

I thank 2018 for all the learning and I hope 2019 we would make use to it.

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I know people have moved away from this medium and it might be the most stupid thing to do. 

But I always loved expressing myself hiding behind the words.

So here I am, after almost 6 years getting back to blogging. I had enjoyed it then… I’m sure I would now. 

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Thank you for being part of everything I have done and will continue to do!

Lots of love